Washing Feet

Tomorrow, Maundy Thursday I will kneel down in front of someone with a bowl of water and a towel and perform one of the greatest privileges afforded to me – I will wash their feet. Although a privilege, it is also daunting and intimate. This was a foul task, reserved for the lowest servant or possibly given as a punishment. Imagine the streets dusty and littered with animal dung. Our streets are no better now.  The heat of the day probably didn’t help despite the sandals. So what do I get from it? A sense of self righteousness or the attitude of the martyr? For me, it is one of the few actions that I can perform in exact emulation of Jesus and it is a miracle. So much is wordlessly spoken when we stoop before someone else and show them that they are loved and accepted. Your dust and dirt can be washed away so that the inner you can shine all the brighter. After drying the feet, I will add a spot of perfumed oil so that the fragrance of the grace of God may linger.

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